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  • Monday 5pm - 11pm
  • Tuesday 5pm - 11pm
  • Wednesday 5pm - 11pm
  • Thursday 5pm - 11pm
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  • Saturday 5pm - 11pm
  • Sunday 5pm - 11pm


Chicken Wings

Chicken Wings £3.90

Fish Bhaja

Fish Bhaja £4.50

Garlic King Prawn Chatt

Garlic King Prawn Chatt £5.20

House Platter

House Platter £5.90

King Prawn Butterfly

King Prawn Butterfly £4.95

Special Tandoori Mix

Special Tandoori Mix £4.70

Mixed Kebab

Mixed Kebab £4.50

Garlic Mushroom Chatt

Garlic Mushroom Chatt £4.00


Samosa £3.00

Chicken Tikka/Lamb Tikka

Chicken Tikka/Lamb Tikka £4.20

Prawn Puree

Prawn Puree £4.10

Aloo Chop

Aloo Chop £3.00

Chicken Chatt

Chicken Chatt £4.10

Prawn Chatt

Prawn Chatt £4.10

Sheek Or Shami Kebab

Sheek Or Shami Kebab £3.90

Onion Bhaji

Onion Bhaji £3.20

Meat & Cheese Samosa

Meat & Cheese Samosa £3.70

Rashmi Kebab

Rashmi Kebab £3.90

Tandoori Chicken

Tandoori Chicken £4.20

Tandoori King Prawns

Tandoori King Prawns £5.90

Chingri Sizzler

Chingri Sizzler £5.90

Chicken Pakora

Chicken Pakora £3.90

Chefs Specials

Saag Tikka Masala

Saag Tikka Masala £9.20

Tikka Masala

Tikka Masala £8.90

Tikka Rezala

Tikka Rezala £8.90

Akbari Chicken

Akbari Chicken £9.20

Desi Chicken Jalfrezi

Desi Chicken Jalfrezi £9.20

Chicken Or Lamb Kalizee

Chicken Or Lamb Kalizee £9.20

Tikka Jalfrezi

Tikka Jalfrezi £8.90

Bengal Special

Bengal Special £9.50

Tikka Shobuz

Tikka Shobuz £8.90

Chicken Or Lamb Begum Bahar

Chicken Or Lamb Begum Bahar £9.20

Tikka Garlic

Tikka Garlic £8.90

Tikka Delight

Tikka Delight £8.90

Desi Masala

Desi Masala £9.20

Chef'S Tikka Special

Chef'S Tikka Special £8.90

Tikka Bhuna

Tikka Bhuna £8.90

Makhoni Chicken

Makhoni Chicken £9.20

Tikka Passanda

Tikka Passanda £8.90

Desi Chicken Or Meat Handi

Desi Chicken Or Meat Handi £9.20

Saag Tikka Masala

Saag Tikka Masala £8.90

Butter Chicken

Butter Chicken £9.20

Tikka Saag Paneer

Tikka Saag Paneer £8.90

Chutney Special

Chutney Special £9.70

Sylhety Masala

Sylhety Masala £9.20

Chicken Or Lamb Tikka Darjeeling

Chicken Or Lamb Tikka Darjeeling £9.20

Traditional Dishes


Kurma £6.90


Sagg £6.90


Vindaloo £6.90


Mushroom £6.90


Ceylon £6.90


Dopiaza £6.90


Madras £6.90


Pathia £6.90


Curry £6.90


Dansak £6.90


Methi £6.90


Brinjal £6.90


Masala £6.90


Rogan £6.90


Malaya £6.90


Moyner £6.90


Chana £6.90


Bhuna £6.90

Karai Dishes

Karai King Prawn

Karai King Prawn £11.50

Karai Lamb Tikka

Karai Lamb Tikka £8.90

House Karai

House Karai £9.50

Karai Chicken Tikka

Karai Chicken Tikka £8.90

Karai Tikka Dansak

Karai Tikka Dansak £8.90

Karai Chilli Chicken

Karai Chilli Chicken £8.90

Karai Gosht

Karai Gosht £8.70

Karai Chicken Methi

Karai Chicken Methi £8.90

Karai Ginger Chicken

Karai Ginger Chicken £8.90

Karai Chicken

Karai Chicken £8.30

Balti Dishes

Chicken Tikka Balti

Chicken Tikka Balti £8.90

Lamb Tikka Balti

Lamb Tikka Balti £8.90

Prawn Balti

Prawn Balti £8.30

Mixed Balti

Mixed Balti £9.50

Vegetable Balti

Vegetable Balti £7.50

Chicken Balti

Chicken Balti £8.30

Meat Balti

Meat Balti £8.50

King Prawn Balti

King Prawn Balti £11.50

Tandoori Dishes

Tandoori King Prawn Shashlik

Tandoori King Prawn Shashlik £11.95

Chicken Or Lamb Tikka Shashlik

Chicken Or Lamb Tikka Shashlik £8.90

Tandoori Mixed Grill

Tandoori Mixed Grill £11.95

Tandoori Chicken

Tandoori Chicken £7.90

Chicken Tikka / Lamb Tikka

Chicken Tikka / Lamb Tikka £7.90

Hari-Lal Chicken Or Lamb

Hari-Lal Chicken Or Lamb £8.90

Chingri Sizzler

Chingri Sizzler £11.95

Sylheti Fish

Sylheti Fish £10.95

Tandoori King Prawns

Tandoori King Prawns £11.95

Bangladeshi Dishes

Chicken Kalia

Chicken Kalia £9.50

Chilli Chicken Rogan

Chilli Chicken Rogan £9.50

Chicken Shazani

Chicken Shazani £9.50

Jaipuri Chicken

Jaipuri Chicken £9.20

Balti Garlic Bengal

Balti Garlic Bengal £9.50

Tikka Bengal

Tikka Bengal £9.20

Kali Mirch

Kali Mirch £9.50

Machili Bhuna

Machili Bhuna £9.50

Chicken Muglai

Chicken Muglai £9.20

Machli Jalfrezi

Machli Jalfrezi £9.50

Scary Chicken (Very Hot)

Scary Chicken (Very Hot) £9.50

Tikka Naga

Tikka Naga £9.20

Achari Chicken

Achari Chicken £9.20

Ginger Chicken

Ginger Chicken £9.20

Tikka Handi

Tikka Handi £9.20

Mango Delight

Mango Delight £9.20

Thahid Special (Fairly Hot)

Thahid Special (Fairly Hot) £9.50

Tikka Zara

Tikka Zara £9.20

Tikka Surma

Tikka Surma £9.20

King Prawns Dhaka

King Prawns Dhaka £11.95

Biryani Dishes

House Biryani

House Biryani £9.90

Lamb Tikka Biryani

Lamb Tikka Biryani £8.90

Chicken Tikka Biryani

Chicken Tikka Biryani £8.90

King Prawn Biryani

King Prawn Biryani £11.95

Meat Biryani

Meat Biryani £8.60

Chicken Biryani

Chicken Biryani £8.50

Prawn Biryani

Prawn Biryani £8.60

Vegetable Biryani

Vegetable Biryani £7.50


Egg Rice

Egg Rice £3.60

Mushroom Rice

Mushroom Rice £3.60

Ghee Rice

Ghee Rice £3.60

Boiled Rice

Boiled Rice £2.70

Special Rice

Special Rice £3.70

Peas Rice

Peas Rice £3.60

Vegetable Rice

Vegetable Rice £3.60

Kulcha Rice

Kulcha Rice £3.70

Keema Rice

Keema Rice £3.70

Lemon Rice

Lemon Rice £3.60

Pilau Rice

Pilau Rice £2.90


Garlic & Keema Nan

Garlic & Keema Nan £3.90

Vegetable Naan

Vegetable Naan £3.60

Keema Nan

Keema Nan £3.60

Peshwari Naan

Peshwari Naan £3.60

Chilli Naan

Chilli Naan £3.60


Chips £2.00

Pickle Tray

Pickle Tray £2.20

Kulcha Naan

Kulcha Naan £3.60

Cheese Naan

Cheese Naan £3.60

Tandoori Roti

Tandoori Roti £2.20

Cheese & Garlic Naan

Cheese & Garlic Naan £3.80

Garlic Naan

Garlic Naan £3.60


Naan £2.80

Garlic Chapati

Garlic Chapati £1.80

Cheese & Onion Naan

Cheese & Onion Naan £3.80

Dahi Raita

Dahi Raita £2.00


Chapati £1.50

Stuffed Paratha

Stuffed Paratha £3.50


Popadom £0.70


Paratha £2.80


Vegetable Curry

Vegetable Curry £3.50

Chana Bhaji

Chana Bhaji £3.50

Sagg Aloo

Sagg Aloo £3.75

Sagg Bhaji

Sagg Bhaji £3.50

Sagg Paneer

Sagg Paneer £4.00

Bhindi Bhaji

Bhindi Bhaji £3.50

Channa Aloo

Channa Aloo £3.75

Gobi Aloo

Gobi Aloo £3.75

Bombay Aloo

Bombay Aloo £3.50

Mushroom Bhaji

Mushroom Bhaji £3.50

Brinjal Bhaji

Brinjal Bhaji £3.50

Tarka Dall

Tarka Dall £3.50

Gobi Bhaji

Gobi Bhaji £3.50

Sagg Mushroom

Sagg Mushroom £3.75

English Dishes

Chicken Omelette

Chicken Omelette £7.50

Fried Chicken Tikka

Fried Chicken Tikka £7.50

Sunday Special

Sunday Special For 4

Sunday Special For 4 £39.95

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